Welcome to the Digitaalhaus!!

We swapped the beer in the basement for a decent server farm and we’re very pleased to present you our very own online version of Aalhaus: Providing you, our beloved guest, only the best ideas from the world wide web, ranging from classic pleasures like Chatroulette to the more tickling darknet.
– So please feel free to gather at the bar or meet up at the tables for video chats and the chance for a unique cyber Aalhaus feeling
– Are you looking for some serious games? Our drinking comrade from Cologne has put something together.
– For a gemütliches game of Doppelkopf we recommend Doko Lite on your mobile phone and a table here at the Digitaalhaus
–  You can find us sometimes at Tresen # 1, too – come by! Otherwise: feel free to Q&As here at any time
On a serious note: We use the open source software „Jitsi“ for the video conference rooms. The desktop version currently works best with Chrome, mobile via app. And some good news for iphone users: you can join the chat directly without downloading the app.
See u around!
Always Yours Aalhaus